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The legendary Black Rock Inn was the culmination of a love for art, architecture, wine, and eccentric surprises as displayed throughout the property’s stunning three acres on the valley floor of the famed Silverado Trail in St. Helena. Originally conceived as a decorative Victorian mansion, ranch farmhouse, and several smaller studio buildings, this property served as an incredible canvas for us to transform into a showcase of art and design that provoked the imagination at every turn.


After more than two years of painstaking construction, we were saddened when the tragedy of the Glass Fire struck the property and burned it completely to the ground, sparing little in its wake except for the video of an unnamed journalist, who set up a tripod on the property and filmed the fire swallowing the gothic main structure. These images, which would become the face of the catastrophic Glass Fire, were published by dozens of national media outlets, including the New York Times, Time Magazine, and National Geographic.


To be celebrated in the national media was always the destiny of this fulfilling project; however, we never imagined it would be on such stark terms. Perhaps the biggest tragedy of all was the fact that so few people were able to experience this work of art before it was lost. We vow to rebuild a magnificent property worthy of carrying the torch of this inn’s storied legacy. 

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