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At Whisper Homes, we create timeless living works of art. Our legacy homes are built to stand the test of generations, in design, material, environment and appreciation.

As a new archetype in home building, we construct ultra-contemporary luxury homes that deploy leading-edge technologies with minimal impact on the environment and maximum joy to the homeowner.

We design spaces, objects, and experiences that promote a lifestyle of social engagement, active wellness, and ongoing stewardship in both the home and its surroundings.


Minimalist Elegance

Maximizing Impact with Minimal Resources.

Black Marble

Timeless Luxury

Subtle Opulence that Defies Trends and Endures Time.

Engaging Aesthetics

Uniting Form and Function to Foster Social Connection and Wellness.

harmonious innovation

Marrying Nature and Cutting-Edge Technology for a Balanced Lifestyle.

Livable Art: Homes as Masterpieces

Where Art Meets Architecture

We're not just a design studio; we're artisans crafting homes as living works of art. Every detail, from fixtures to furniture, is designed for both beauty and function.

Life-Centric Design
We focus on creating spaces that nurture life, fostering a deep sense of connection within your home.

Shared Spaces
Indoor and outdoor communal areas let you harmonize with nature and others.

Signature Art Pieces
Our homes feature a bespoke art piece, often a light sculpture, embodying timeless beauty.


Mindful Homes: Built to Last

Homes Crafted with Care and Consciousness

We build homes that stand the test of time, using sustainable materials, smart technology, and timeless design.

Sustainable Beauty
From countertops to flooring, we select materials that are both aesthetically pleasing and long-lasting.

Eco-Friendly Focus
Our homes leave a minimal environmental footprint but make a lasting impression on you.

Local Harmony
Whether it's Tahoe or Palm Desert, we build in sync with the natural landscape, inviting you to be a steward of the land.

Aiming for net-zero energy, our homes feature cutting-edge technology like Tesla solar roofs.

Active Environments: Live Fully

Designing for Social and Active Lifestyles

Our homes encourage a vibrant lifestyle, featuring amenities like lap pools or sports courts, alongside intimate spaces for social interactions.

Spaces for Living
Your home becomes a stage for life's memorable moments, bringing people together.

Easy Living
From initial design to final touches, we ensure your home is as convenient as it is beautiful.

Tailored to You
We create homes that embrace your needs, activities, and lifestyle, making each one uniquely special.


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